Easygoing and Elegant in White, Cream and Gray

Renovation of an 1860s Massachusetts home creates a sophisticated, serene and comfortable living space

“When I realized the house my clients had bought was the one in town I always called the Old Gray Lady, I was so excited,” interior designer Lisa Tharp recalls. The Second Empire-style home with mansard roof and lovely high windows occupied a prominent spot in town, but it had become “tired-looking,” Tharp says. Her clients were moving in from a more rural setting and were ready to make some changes that included paring down their things in pursuit of calm surroundings. The renovation preserved the beautiful 1860s architecture while creating spare yet comfortable living spaces, giving the Old Gray Lady a whole new attitude.” [Read more on Houzz]

Have you given a new renovation project a new “attitude?” We would love to see some pics and learn your story- post in the comments below!

BDG~ 336-747-3245


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