A Smart Thermostat for Homes with More than One Room

Smart Thermostat

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat addresses the one design flaw in all thermostats. Take a look at our interview from our Smart Home Showcase to see how they’re making homes more energy efficient and comfortable.

The connected thermostat is usually the first purchase someone makes when they begin to smarten their home up. Who wouldn’t want to control their thermostat via an app and set it to a schedule?  It solves the rational side of smart home tech.

There are many great smart thermostats on the market, but Ecobee has created a thermostat that addresses an age old design flaw – they only measure temperature in one spot. Now this wouldn’t be a problem if you had only one room in your home, but chances are your house is a little bit bigger. If you do have a home with more than one room, you inevitably have hot and cold spots. According to Rahul Raj, VP of Marketing at Ecobee, they’re the only thermostat that has room sensors in addition to their core thermostat. This helps you curate the temperature and comfort for whatever room you’re in.

“Comfort is the biggest job a thermostat has to perform, and you’d think, oh that seems like a luxury. But we also save consumers 23% on their heating and cooling bills. Which means it pays for itself in 12-18 months. So you can get that awesome benefit of comfort where it matters, but also the rational benefit of knowing the device will pay for itself.”

~Rahul Raj – VP, Marketing at Ecobee

In addition to up to 32 sensors that help you control the temperature in each room, the Ecobee 3 Smart Thermostat is the only thermostat compatible with Apple HomeKit. This means you can use Siri to control your home’s temperature and use Apple’s geofencing technology – allowing your home to go into conservation mode as soon as you pass your set radius.

Take a look below for the full interview with Rahul Raj from our Smart Home Showcase. If you’re already sold on Ecobee, you can find their $249 kit at Apple Stores, Best Buy, Home Depot, Loews and other top retailers.

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