Snow (Sleet) Days

dcc0bedba29aa0f175a25793265b465aWhat do you do when you get sleeted in? You eat. No delivery in this weather where I live! So therefore you cook.  At Blue Door Group, we are all about strategy and ‘closings’ even when it comes to the kitchen. This morning we had homemade waffles, bacon and hash browns…yum. Notice I said ‘we had’ and not ‘I made.’ My husband likes to play underdog in the kitchen but in fact, he does quite well when I abruptly leave him to finish what I start.  And last night he surprised us with brownies – they were better than my last batch! So if he reads this, my cover will be blown but I think I am onto something. Strategy #1.

Of course, lunch and dinner are quickly approaching so I have to get a plan. On days like today, I try to get by with a late breakfast and early dinner so I only have to cook twice. Strategy #2.

I am a sucker for 1 pot meals. Strategy #3. I had been eyeing a more complicated Creamy Tomato Spinach and Cheese Tortellini soup (had to include the whole recipe title so I could make you want some too) and some tomato beef soup recipes on Pinterest. Somehow traversed into this much easier recipe with fewer ingredients that’s a spin on your traditional goulash…totally not soup, but satisfied Strategy #4. Kitchen is now ‘Closed.’

 One Pot Chili Mac

So here’s the link to it on Pinterest. The only things I did differently were I used one can of White Kidney Beans and no regular Kidney beans. Also left off the cheddar cheese and just sprinkled shaved parmesan cheese on top with some cracked pepper!

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~Elizabeth Castelda Nance, Blue Door Group


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