Checking the Temperature on the Triad Market


Julie Aites Campbell and Jodi Tate putting a Previews listing under contract in Kernersville!

Do you find yourself in a multiple offer situation? As you may recall from a previous post, “Housing Market Beginning to Align?” The Property Strategists at BDG have determined that in some pockets of real estate, we are definitely in a seller’s market.

What does that mean for homeowners? Well, quite simply, that means it is time to get the house ready and put it on the market…BEFORE Spring. Yes, you heard me correctly. Spring is typically the time Realtors suggest putting your home on the market because it heats up with the temperatures. But if you already have a hot market, why wait? If the inventory levels are in your favor, don’t hesitate! This will help drive your sales price and potentially bring in multiple offers which will allow you to quickly move on to your next goal!

Ok, so how about home buyers? If you are scoping the market every day to see if there is a property just listed that meets your criteria, you know you and several others are scrambling to go see it ASAP. Might I suggest if that is the case, please, please, please make sure you are getting buyer representation from a Realtor. Buyer’s Agents work for the best interest of the buyer, which includes explaining the options you have, how to weigh them out and most importantly negotiating toward your best interest.

Better yet, with the BDG. For buyers, we have strategies in place to make your offer stand out among the rest and get you in the home you are looking for. For sellers, we understand how to maximize your bottom dollar in the time on the market suitable to your needs…and how to market your home to the buyer who will likely purchase it!

If you find yourself relating to any of the above info, you will benefit of the likes of a Blue Door Group Property Strategist. Earning your business and trust is our goal!

Call us for the “Good Stuff” – 336-747-3245

~Elizabeth Castelda Nance, BDG



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