‘Home’ is Dinner Time

Many say “home is where the heart is” and “you can get to a man’s heart through his stomach”… well I believe both of those apply for all who belly up to the table. Yes, Home is Where the Heart Is…. And ‘Home’ Is Dinner Time.

I am lucky to pull off dinner most nights of the week after a full day of doing what I love – today we listed a lot, helped some buyers get closer to securing their American Dream Home and had lots of fun in between.  But like many othImage from wellnessmamaer working Moms and Dads, before I left for the house I had to make sure I was ready…set…go for my hungry boys at the end of their day.

I discovered this yummy recipe on Pinterest from one of my favorites,  wellnessmama. It was so good (even my 13 month old loved it) and so easy, I had to share with you:

Spinach and Artichoke Chicken Holy Goodness (well, I added that last part)

It has the same creaminess and decadence as the app but add chicken served over angel hair with a caesar salad and voila…you have an entree.


I followed this recipe crock pot style but added some garlic and onion while the chicken was cooking and added olives with the rest of the ingredients about an hour before serving. I tasted it right before serving and thought it was so good it didn’t even need the cheese at the end. And if you know my eating habits, you know I RARELY pass up cheese. I left it out!

So, what’s for dinner at your house? I am always wanting to try new meals, especially crock pot recipes with whole ingredients. And we at the Blue Door Group love to eat!

~Elizabeth, BDG

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