Smart Home Security System: The 5 Best Devices to Watch For

Are you building a smart home security system to increase safety and improve the value of your home? There are a lot of devices out there — and not all of them are worth it. Here are the most useful security devices for your money, and why they are worth it.

Smart Door Lock

Door locks are one of the newest and best entries in smart home security. Essentially, they replace traditional door bolts with electronic versions that connect to wireless networks. These smart locks can perform a variety of functions to amp up your security. Many allow you to lock and unlock doors from a distance with your phone, as well as showing you who has accessed your home while you have been away.

Many use passcodes or pairing to automatically unlock the door, allowing you to give people “passes” that temporarily allow them access to your home. Some even include speakers and cams so you can look or talk with the people who want to enter your home. To get an idea of what is on the market, take a look at reputable brands like August to see what they offer.

Security Hubs

Security hubs are a bit different from other smart home hubs out there. Instead of coordinating devices (although they also do this), they focus on combining many different devices into one sensor complex that can monitor your home.

This is a great option for apartments or smaller homes — or if you don’t want to string sensors along your whole house. Current options for these hubs include devices like Canary, which include a camera, motion detector, accelerometer, speaker, and siren all in one. Other brands may have different combinations of devices, but all are useful.

Wireless Cams with Sensors

Security cameras have been a staple of the smart home security system since the beginning, but today’s security cams are a whole new ball game. They include options to watch the cam online from anywhere, motion sensors so they only turn on when they sense someone nearby, speaker to talk with, night vision, cloud storage to store video, and much more. Perhaps best of all, they are often wireless, allowing you to put them nearly anywhere with a simple DIY project.

Break and Entry Sensors

If you want the added protection that comes with security devices installed throughout your home, you need these sensors. They function in two different ways. Break sensors detect impact and shatter damage for glass, making them very useful at windows and some doors. Entry sensors are made of two parts that, when activated, create an alarm if they are separated — such as when a door or window opens without authorization. Both are very useful for full home security.

Smart Tags and Geofencing

Geofencing is a term that refers to smart tagging and creating “zones” for your smart home security system. Smart devices activate when nearing zones or leaving zones, allowing you to keep track of them and create specific commands. This is particularly useful for more active forms of security, such as keeping track of children and pets. Look into geofencing options for your family to increase overall monitoring and protection.

Article from Coldwell Banker Blue Matter by T. Lacoma


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