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Jodi Tate with Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors in Winston-Salem, NC

Jodi Tate, Founder

“There Are No Spectators”

I learned from my parents, the importance of a plan.  My dad, a former head football coach at Wake Forest, taught me to develop a game plan to move the ball down the field.  Progressively advancing the ball involves adaption, creative solutions and concentrated effort.  My mother, a gourmet cook, taught me to explore different ingredients then use them in creative ways to make wonderful food.  My favorite times are spent with family gathered around the table laughing and sharing stories.  Cooking and planning holiday parties for family and friends brings much joy and balance to life.  Spending time with my niece and nephew, Lily and Jake, is treasured as much as life.

This brings me to a wonderfully long career in real estate.  The first ten years I was a top selling Realtor in the Winston-Salem area.  During the next years I managed branch offices, led a 250 agent company, developed prestigious seminars and provided coaching for hundreds of elite Realtors nationwide.  Developing, communicating and implementing winning strategies are three things I am passionate about.  These three hallmarks have been and continue to be the core of my business mentality.

As a result, there are no spectators when it comes to selling or buying real estate.  My clients are in the loop all the way and learn the game plan and how it will be implemented.  Winning means that ‘we’ achieve your real estate goal.  If you are ready to move the ball down the field toward your real estate goal then extend an invitation to the coach’s daughter and hang on.

~Jodi Tate

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Henry Beeson

Henry Beeson, Co-Founder

“The Spirit of Fine Furniture”

I began life in High Point, NC — the furniture capital of the world.  At twenty-two I led a team of carpenters in repurposing a section of Thomlinson Furniture into glass fronted show rooms at what is now Market Square.  The next sixteen years I was privileged to employ some of the hardest working frame carpenters in the High Point–Greensboro area.  As the economy slowed, I began home repairs and remodeling in Winston-Salem.  I have also been fortunate to have pursued short stints in electronics repair, smart house wiring, security systems, data cabling and real estate investing.  In my spare time I enjoy metal detecting, gardening, collecting Seagrove pottery and spending time outside.

Having grown up surrounded by mom and pop furniture makers, I learned early that the lasting beauty of fine furniture resides in the details.  Incorporating this attribute of planning and working out the details has become the hallmark of all my ventures.  Clients have come to expect exceptional service.  This is the goal every time the Blue Door Group cultivates a new business relationship.  Earning your trust and confidence through integrity, skill and hard work.

You are invited to experience the spirit of fine furniture craftsmanship by working with the Blue Door Group in planning and working out the details of your next real estate transaction.  Comprised of a myriad of experience and expertise, we implement dynamic strategies to achieve your real estate goal better than the next guy.  We like calling North Carolina home and we want to earn your business.

~Henry Beeson

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Julie Campbell

Julie Aites Campbell

“Thrill of a Lifetime”

Thrilled to be fulfilling a life goal, wild and fantastic visions flooded my thoughts. In a few minutes I would take a big step into the unknown. Growing up in Pennsylvania, family, graduating from Brevard and UNC-Greensboro, then marrying my best friend Ryan all flashed in an instant while bracing against the door. No turning back as I stepped through the door into a cloudless day. Seconds later a big sigh of relief as the rustling fabric unfolded and whisked me up to soar with the eagles.

While you don’t need to jump from a plane to buy a house, at some point you will stare into the unknown and need to be confident of your next step. My clients grin and step big because they know: they have seen the market absorption analysis; they have looked into the attics and the basements; they have a strategy and they know it’s a solid investment.

Each step forward introduces challenges, considerations and legal documents. Helping you navigate the negotiations and emotions of buying and selling a home is what I enjoy. Working with agents and helping them utilize the latest technology over the past decade has honed my skills of e-tools. My mission now is to work with my clients in finding just the right home and ensure they step confidently through the door of home ownership. Be it stepping out into the clear blue sky or stepping over the threshold of your new home, the thrill of a lifetime awaits you.

~Julie Aites Campbell

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